First Visit

During your first visit to our office, Dr. Carlo will examine your teeth and discuss any potential problems that may exist, as well as different treatment options. If the timing is right for you to begin orthodontic treatment, we will schedule three more appointments for you that will be administered during the school/work day. These will include a records appointment to determine your best treatment option, a prep appointment and one week later, an appointment for the placement of your braces.

Records Appointment

Approximately 30 minutes

  • Impressions for diagnostic study models and a bite registration of your teeth will be made.
  • Panoramic and cephlametric X-rays will be taken.
  • Photos, if not previously taken at the initial exam, will be taken.

Dr. Carlo will use these records to make a more definite diagnosis to determine if an appliance or braces will be the best option for you.

Prep Appointment

Approximately 20 minutes

  • An impression will be taken.
  • Spacers will be placed for an appliance or braces.

Placement of Braces

Approximately 1 ½ hours

  • Brackets and bands will be placed.
  • You will start with very light wires. You may experience some discomfort, and if needed, you may need some Tylenol or Advil for relief. The discomfort will last approximately one week.
  • Oral hygiene and food restrictions will be discussed.
  • We will continue to see you every four to six weeks for adjustments. These appointments generally last 15-20 minutes. If longer appointments are needed, we will let you know a month ahead of time.

You Will Need to Consider

  • Future appointments will necessitate some loss of school/work time.
  • You will need to continue regular visits to your general dentist for cleaning and exams.
  • Punctuality is appreciated. Appointments will typically last 15-20 minutes. Please be on time. If you are late for your appointment, it sets our schedule behind and you may need to reschedule.
  • Patient compliance throughout your orthodontic treatment with any prescribed elastics or headgear is an important factor in achieving the most efficient treatment.
  • Oral hygiene is important. If plaque remains on teeth, decalcification/white spots and cavities will result, causing decay.